After many years of helping hundreds of MBA applicants get into top American and international business schools, we have learned a thing or two about what it takes to compel an admissions committee to send that coveted letter of acceptance. While we always work closely and meticulously with our clients to ensure their unique stories and qualities shine through in their applications, some of our advice boils down to key fundamentals: approach each essay with a brainstorming session, draft an outline, make personal statements truly personal, tailor your resume to the admissions committee’s needs, approach your recommenders strategically and prepare extensively for your interviews. We offer you our thoughts on these subjects so that you too can begin your journey toward the MBA of your dreams. Many applicants are terrified at the prospect of applying to business school, and some approach the application process in a haphazard and ill-advised manner. As a result, the process often becomes extremely stressful, and results can be disappointing. We truly believe that with some basic organization, a simple strategy and helpful professional guidance, applying to business school can actually be enjoyable and rewarding, not to mention successful!

STENCIL encourages candidates who seek a stimulating experience in which students challenge and learn from each other as they test their growing leadership abilities. Authentic business talent cannot be narrowly defined. Instead of looking for an “ideal” candidate, TOP B-School invites applicants who bring a variety of skills, accomplishments, and aspirations to form a very special community. To create a dynamic environment that mirrors the breadth and depth of our world economy, they seek diversity. While students’ lives and experiences vary greatly, they need to showcase the following characteristics:

Analytical Aptitude and Appetite

Business School is a demanding, fast-paced, and highly-verbal environment. B-Schools look for individuals who enjoy lively discussion and debate. The MBA Admissions Board will review your prior academic performance, the results of the GMAT or GRE and TOEFL iBT and/or IELTS, and the nature of your work experience. There is no particular previous course of study required to apply; you must, however, demonstrate the ability to master analytical and quantitative concepts.

Leadership Experience

Leadership that may be expressed in many forms, from college extracurricular activities to academic or business achievements, from personal accomplishments to community commitments. B-Schools appreciate leadership on any scale as well, from organizing a classroom to directing a combat squad, from running an independent business to spearheading initiatives at work. In essence, they are looking for evidence of your potential.

Community engagement

So much of the MBA experience – including the case method, section life, and student-organized events – requires the active collaboration of the entire B-School community. That’s why they look for students who exhibit the highest ethical standards and respect for others, and can make positive contributions to the MBA Program. The right candidates must be eager to share their experiences, support their colleagues, and teach as well as learn from their peers.

To apply, you must have also fulfilled the following admission requirement

–          A bachelor’s Degree

–          GMAT/ GRE scores

–          TOEFL/IELTS

–          Relevant Work Experience

Stencil admission consulting services have been personalized to meet your individual needs.

Our process begins with the meticulous pairing of students and consultants based on histories, needs and goals. Some of our consultants have a sweet spot for non-traditional applicants while others excel with engineers. Just like you, our consultants’ backgrounds and perspectives are varied. You’ll be matched with someone who believes in your candidacy and who is excited to work with you. Before you’re paired, you can review bios and speak with potential consultants so you feel 100% comfortable. We don’t begin an engagement or accept payment until you feel you’ve been paired with the perfect match.

We respect personal preferences and we will smoothly lead you through the process, so that your choice reflects your qualifications, requirement & priorities. Stencil believes in its package approach; by charging a flat fee per student, we give you the freedom to constantly improve all aspects of your work. Some firms charge by the hour/ per University and will help you until your budget runs out; we will forge a strong relationship with you and work ceaselessly to make all aspects of your application stand out. We will lead you through our “Complete Start to Finish” package—a comprehensive process that has proven to yield results. You will have a counselor/advisor guiding you through all aspects of the process.

Pre-enrolment stage: Free Counseling Session

Student gets an opportunity to meet one of our trained counselors to have a one-on-one discussion on their education goals and to get an understanding of the process involved to reach it.  We have researched these sessions specifically for you and have included eligibility, University search, Documents, Tests, Visas and relocation to help you streamline your application processes and to ensure you have access to consolidated, school-specific information.

Stage 1: Profile Assessment

As you begin the process, there are significant steps that you can take to develop your profile and improve your candidacy. We will advise you on various issues regarding your candidacy, such as retaking a GRE/GMAT, enrolling in math and finance courses, selecting a volunteer organization to join, planning campus visits and connecting with alumni to learn specifics about programs. By proactively targeting weaknesses and complementing strengths, we will help you complete your profile.

Stage 2: Program Compatibility

After reviewing your profile and analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, we will help you identify the programs where you will be competitive. Then, we will help you develop a strategy to move forward. Through our distinguished panel of experts, we will help you understand the traits and attributes of many top US schools so you can find the best fit for you.

Stage 3: Brainstorming

Through one-on-one idea generation sessions, we will help you identify interesting and inspirational stories from your past. Experience has shown us that Students often ignore events that seem trivial to them, but such events can often be the incredible stories that make Student distinct. We will help you place these stories into the larger context of your application, developing compelling and comprehensive statements that highlight your unique attributes.


Stage 4: Document Reviewing (Essay/ SOP Writing)

SOP and Essay Writing

Your first draft will be thoroughly checked for continuity, clarity and distinctiveness. You will find a variety of questions and comments, all designed to increase the detail and color of your essay, without compromising word limits. As your essays/ sops take shape, we will fine-tune each draft, focusing on sentence structure, grammar, style and flow. Our work is not done until you are satisfied; there is no limit to the number of drafts that we will review for you. (We have actually been known to coax clients into additional drafts from time to time, when we are not yet satisfied.)

Resume Preparation

Your resume and response to “short answer” questions are crucial parts of your application. We will ensure that they are detailed, developed and results oriented so that you bolster your overall possibilities of success and capitalize on every opportunity.

Recommendation Letters

Selecting and managing those who will write your letters of recommendation takes thought and skill. We will give you the tools to select the recommenders whose letters will both complement and supplement your application and grab the attention of Admissions Committees.

Stage 5: Application Review

We know how to fill a complete & an error free application. We will hand hold you in completing the application with our expert advisors following our two level verification to ensure we put out the best application for the admission team to review. We will assist you in making your final application to the selected University .The application sent to universities of your choice need to reflect your best achievements, personality traits and interests. We help you achieve this by using our panel of experts to put together the perfect set of SOP’s and essays that will help you stand out from hundreds of applicants. We will help you compile your documents in a manner that will afford you the highest possibility of admission into your dream institution.

 Stage 6: Post-Acceptance

Our work is not over when you are accepted to your chosen degree programs. In fact, a new phase begins. Determining which school is best can be an agonizing process. We provide objective advice and sober second thought for Student who are confronted with difficult choices that will affect the rest of their lives. We will brainstorm with you once again as you work through this important decision and, if desired, will even collaborate with you on another round of distinctive essays so that you can win coveted scholarships sponsored by your target schools.

Stage 7: Visa Process

The Visa process is just not about right paperwork. We will tell you how, with the mandatory set of documents, we will help and guide you through the Visa process with a series of presentations and seminars. Stencil counselors help you sail through the visa interviews by providing you with advice and coaching on the interview process.

Stage 8: Relocation Assistance

The last leg is often daunting and tedious. Once you have received your admits and Visa you will be able to book a post visa session with us as well as make arrangements for your air tickets, ForEx and airport pickup. We have also provided you with resources that will be useful to you once you reach the states. Moving to a foreign land isn’t just about having the right paperwork. It’s about preparing oneself for a new culture, a new environment and a whole new world that brings with it a new challenge every day. This is exactly the reason why we provide you an end-to­-end solution that practically holds your hand right from this time onwards till the time you walk in to your new house in a new country.


We implement your personal strategy across every point of contact with your target schools: data forms, informal communications, essays, resume & recommendations. There are no limits on our reviews.

We are here for you, recognizing that many applicants are balancing work, family, and other commitments with the very intense admissions process. We are available weekends, evenings as well as regular work hours.

From which school’s acceptance to take, to how best to navigate a waitlist, to drafting a deferral letter, our services do not end when your application is completed. Our formal services end once you accept admission to a school, but we do hope you’ll stay in touch and join an active pool of STENCIL alums. Your success is our success and we want to hear about it.

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