• I hope you are doing well. I wanted to share with you that I am graduating from my MBA program in May. Its already been 2 years. It has been quite a journey. -I was elected the president of my graduate business students association(1st Indian ever) -Went to Hongkong and Argentina for intersession consulting projects -Done 6 graduate assistant to professors -Completed my summer internship at Nationwide Insurance -Secured a job in product management at a company called Audaexplore I have had a chance to travel a lot around US. The two years of my life have been very eventful to say the least. I want to thank you for being there through the whole process of applying to universities. I am really excited to be graduating. Please let me know if I can help you in anyway.
    Neha Chinchanikar– University of San Deigo– MBA
  • As I entered into my final year engineering, I had all these dreams of continuing my studies...of doing my post grad from a good university in the U.S - but just didn't know where to start. I had begun preparing for GRE and TOEFL, and had exam dates ready but was clueless about selecting colleges and the whole application process. That's when I heard about STENCIL from a friend - the best thing that happened to me. Right on the first day when I met Kunal and he explained the services they offered , I knew I was in safe hands. It never was a problem that I didn't live in Bangalore, I just had to call or message and Kunal or one of his team would answer my queries or solve the issue. From short listing colleges that suited my profile, applying to each one of them, getting together all the necessary documents down to the visa process, the STENCIL team was always there guiding me. Whilst completing my final year of college all this would have been just impossible to do on my own. A special thanks to Farah and Ashwini for always being patient and ever helpful. As I get ready to leave to the U.S to pursue my dream, I can only say THANK YOU STENCIL!!!
    Shambavi Punja - University of Southern California
  • I was applying for my masters program while working and frankly had no time to sit down and browse through the numerous colleges, or create an application online and apply to each one individually. The STENCIL consulting team helped me since day 1. I always felt i was in safe hands and be assured that a phone call would solve any glitch they might face with the applications. I especially noted their help during my visa application process, which I was much more relaxed about than my counter parts. I would take this opportunity to thank Kunal and his entire team for their constant help and support during the entire period.
    Arpita Iddya - Carnegie Mellon University - MS Chemical Engineering
  • I have got an admittance to Georgia Tech and my VISA and i couldn't be more satisfied. STENCIL has helped me get to this stage with all the guidance and help. It has assured me that noting can go wrong and i am in safe hands. Knowing that can reduce half our stress. I would like to thank everybody at STENCIL who has played a part for me to reach this stage.
    Sachin Suresh - Georgia Tech - MS Construction Management
  • It was a pleasure working with you. The biggest way that stencil contributed to my career was by guiding me towards the right degree. I came in with a limitation to start my MBA degree with a work experience of two years, and thus was more inclined to a MS in Management degree. You helped me understand that with the nature of work I had under my belt, I would be able to secure a MBA admit at one of the top 30 US universities even with two years of work experience. I think this was a turning point in my pursuit of higher education. The other major contribution from your end was in helping me "up" my essays. It helped the essays appear more polished, and crisp. I was able to convey more through my essays because of the same. The mock interview preparation definitely helped me achieve my goals in a big way. As I was a working professional when I decided to work with stencil, Farah's availability after conventional office hours was of great help to meet deadlines. I was well guided through the visa process too - right from the paperwork to interview prep. I wish you and Stencil the very best for the future.
    Abhishek Aggarwal - University of Illinois Urbana Champagne - MBA
  • The presentation and reception during my first visit at STENCIL office was impressive. The confidence of Kunal and his team was superb. After talking to Kunal I got the clarity in application process. His team helped me in selecting Universities suiting my profile. Farah has been of great help in arranging the documents to completing the application process. STENCIL’s help was instrumental in writing my SOP. With my scores I wasn’t optimistic of getting a good university but Kunal was confident about it. Overall STENCIL has been of great help. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to complete my admission process successfully. They helped me in every step from University Selection until booking of Visa Dates and prepping me for leaving to US safely. Thank you KUNAL, FARAH and the entire STENCIL team. Three Cheers...:D
    Pradyumn Agarwal - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - MS Bio Engineering
  • I can describe my experience with Stencil in one word – flawless. Every step, right from the university selection to the pre departure orientation was executed with perfection. Thanks to Kunal Shah for being an ever supportive guide, mentor and counselor. I have to specifically thank him for prepping me for my MBA interviews: we covered every imaginable question during our mock interviews so that on the D-day I was brimming with confidence. Not to mention, Farah Ballal for answering with patience my never ending list of queries. I would strongly recommend Stencil to everyone planning their studies in USA – it is absolutely worth the time and money.
    Apoorva Siddhi - MBA, Northeastern University
  • I was not all organized in my search for colleges and truthfully even the course. It was Kunal who evaluated my profile and suggested that an MBA would be best for my career. He also has great knowledge about the requirement for the course which I was unaware (like B-Schools accept GRE Score. I think this piece of information was worth all the money I paid as my GRE score was expiring in Sept and I started applying in March). He and Milky have helped me throughout my process and replied to me at odd hours when I was stuck with my essays or applications. Inspite of some procrastination on the essays, they made sure that I never missed a deadline. Also, Kunal has helped me acquire all that he promised – a great MBA program in a very good school, scholarship and my visa. It was a great pleasure to work with you guys – Kunal, Milky, Farah, Vidya. I am recommending all my cousins and friends to contact you ll if they wanna go to USA.
    Amrita Gala - GMBA at Fox School of Business (Temple University)
  • Applying for a Masters course in the USA is definitely not an easy job. As independent as I am, I realized I will not be able to do this without the help of a consultancy. Thus, on the referral of a friend of mine, I approached Stencil Consultancy to help me with my application process. Since then, it has been a roller coaster ride for me. While Stencil did help me immensely throughout my process, there were times when I used to wonder if I had made the right decision approaching them. This was mainly due to their lack of response during the initial period. But then with a little bit of patience, everything turned out well. Stencil made sure that I got into a good University, and they even helped me after that for my Visa and Post Visa applications. All in all I would say that I had a good experience working with Stencil and that they have been essential in me getting my admission to the Ohio State University for my Masters in Computer Science for Fall 2014
    Jagannath Narasimhan - Ohio State University - MS Computer Science
  • "The reason I joined Stencil, was mainly to have proper one to one guidance on specifics of the admission process. And I can surely say, every minute was worthwhile. Kunal's guidance based on his US experience and Farah's administrative help not only smoothened the application process but also ensured the required checklist was dispatched on time. The college shortlisting discussion was not only an open forum but also relevant with the specific touchpoints. Thanks again for the help guys."
    Bhavya Bhandari – University of Georgia - Terry College of Business – MBA
  • My experience with Stencil Consulting has been excellent. I have to say that I had a first round of only rejects and if it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't have been able to pick up from there and target the right courses, better suited to my profile. I was particularly impressed with the profile evaluation that allows us to target the right universities. Also, I truly appreciate the fact that you all were so accessible when I needed someone to answer doubts and queries; and quell unfounded apprehensions (the NUMBER of times I've been 'worried' about something that either you or Farah have almost ALWAYS helped me sort out speaks pretty much for itself). I must say that Farah has been absolutely indispensable in this whole experience- she has ALWAYS been there, so prompt and reliable, available at odd hours, tweaking and perfecting even the most minute details and always, ALWAYS knowing what to do (she always has the solution, really)! Hats off to Farah! Thank you Kunal, Farah and Nitin for being so helpful and reliable this entire time
    Nimisha Ranganath – University of Colorado Boulder – MS Electrical Engineering
  • Stencil Consulting is one of the few organizations which truly tries to understand a student's needs of studying abroad and guides them in the right direction by providing the best solutions. This agency actually took time out to understand my aspirations and counseled me appropriately. Being mentored by Kunal Shah, who has become a dear friend in the process has been a very positive experience for me. He guided me through all the processes - right from identifying B-School which was most suitable to my profile to training me on cultural aspects of a student life in the US. But for him, I wouldn't have made it through. It was completely worth investing time with Stencil. I wish them all the very best
    Vishal Jain – Rutgers University - MBA
  • I am Nisha Holla and I just joined Carnegie Mellon University this Fall for a MS in Chemical Engineering. CMU is such a great university and I have Stencil Consulting to thank for being here today. They helped me all the way through! From selecting colleges to keeping track of application deadlines and preparing my statements of purpose to post-admission procedures and obtaining a visa, they've helped me throughout. To anyone considering Stencil Consulting for their admission procedures, I say - Go for it! It's really worth it
    Nisha Holla – Carnegie Mellon University – MS Chemical Engineering
  • "I enrolled at Stencil at one of the most confused times in my life. If it wasn't for stencil i would not be able to make any of the decisions that i did without the help and guidance of the people at Stencil. Stencil took care of everything, from short listing the universities to apply, helping with the application process, SOP and everything else involved including the VISA formalities. They provided me with all the information that I needed in order to make my decision and it's by far one of the best decisions that I've made. In the midst of my hectic final semester, it would be impossible to get through all through the formalities on my own. Thank you guys for making the transition so smooth!"
    Monisha Shivanna – University of Minnesota – Twin Cities – MS Electrical Engineering
  • The process of identifying, evaluating, applying and selecting universities can be an extremely stressful process.I was running my own company and i sure i wanted to do my MBA in the US but the priority of finding a good B-School was one of the last few. I found out about Stencil and fixed an appointment. The fact that Kunal, the founder personally meets with you and his expertise in this filed is valuable help any candidate use to his/her advantage. They helped me through the entire process from identifying the courses that will help me in terms of my business and career, requirements for application and most importantly the final decision of which school to go to. With the help of Stencil consulting, i was able to get into Babson College - the number 1 B-School for Entrepreneurs (17 years in a row) and ranked in this category above Harvard, Stanford and all other Ivy league schools.(I had not even heard of this school till i met Kunal and this school was the perfect fit for me)
    Maninder Singh – Babson College - MBA
  • Follow your dream, as you follow your heart-- with a little bit of help and a little bit of money, everything can go just right! Well, this is exactly what I did for where I am today. Currently a Sophomore at Purdue University (WOAH! Right?) and a transfer student from RIT, I know I've got it all set. So how did I get an admit to not one but around four (maybe more than this number but not less) prestigious universities in the US? Yes, first I had a dream and some determination and more. Second, my family is extensively supportive. Third, but most important I got help from this amazing organization called STENCIL. Stencil, I mean STENCIL (said with pride) and their amazing team have worked so hard to get all the documents (yes, they will tell you EXACTLY what is needed to file in) that mainly includes SAT SCORES . (Because I applied for a Bachelor's program, GRE SCORES if you are applying for a Master's program like my sister Nitya Ganesh did, who was also graciously helped by STENCIL with her admits) and ESSAYS.. STENCIL is there for YOU!! Kunal Shah, Farah Ballal and Milky Vira- Thank you for all the help with making my dream come true.
    Neha Ganesh – Purdue University
  • "Pursuing my MBA in the US was a life changing decision, during which Kunal and the team at Stencil helped me at each step. They helped me pick the right schools based on my educational background, work profile and monetary budget. Thanks to their support with the application process, essay editing and visa counseling, I was ecstatic to be admitted to Syracuse University with a scholarship! Thank you and keep up the great work!"
    Saloni Raul – Syracuse University – MBA