Creating a community to help
you charter your course

The Stencil


Stencil aims to provide every aspirant looking to study abroad with a curated eco-system, a place where like-minded individuals come together and assist one another in this journey.

Here, we have created a dynamic environment that is ever-changing and ever-growing. We work towards equipping our students with real-world opportunities to create leaders and innovators of tomorrow

The community will provide the right support system that can breach these borders and propel your career.

And this is where the community helps you.

Our community thrives on exploring newer avenues every day and creating a plethora of opportunities to be explored by students. At Stencil, you would not just be a part of the process, but a part of the community



Creating a community to help
you charter your course

  • One of a kind platform

  • Be a part of virtual and
    offline workshop

  • Leverage world class

  • Connect and network with
    other prospective students

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